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Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

Guided Tour, Shared Tour, 60-90 Min

Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

Hours: 10:00 - 19:00

Explore inside the world-famous Burj Al Arab

Step inside Dubai's famous Burj Al Arab to explore its futuristic vision in the Experience Suite, plus the luxurious Royal Suite.
• Discover the historical legacy
• Explore its sumptuous interiors

• Entrance to the Inside Burj Al Arab tour is via the Inside Burj Al Arab Ticketing Lounge at Jumeirah Beach Hotel
• The highlights of the butler-guided tour (approximately 60–90 mins) include viewing the Arabian Sea
• Guests should arrive 15 minutes before the start of their tour
• Adult tickets apply to individuals age 13+
• Child tickets (for children aged 4 to 12)
• Children age 3 and under go free with an accompanying adult ticket-holder; complimentary tickets are issued at the Inside Burj Al Arab Ticketing Lounge (child's proof of age may be required)
• All children and teens age 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult (age 21+)
• Ticket-holders should dress in a manner that is respectful of local customs
• No photographs may be taken in the main Atrium or on the first floor
• Parking is limited. Ticket-holders are advised to use the valet parking service at Jumeirah Beach Hotel
• Visitors must follow any instruction given by Inside Burj Al Arab personnel during the tour.
• Visitors enter the tour at their own risk and are responsible for their own belongings. Inside Burj Al Arab is not responsible for or liable for any personal damage or injury and/or loss, theft or damage of any property occurring during the tour.




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